We are a creative house. A simple one as the name suggests. Because at art & copy we believe, that the basis of great advertising is to understand the core values of human behaviour. Which is why we walk the road less travelled and create brands that speak to people. In a language that they understand well.

Our Skills

We write. We art direct. We execute. But what we do rather well, is create conversations between brands and the people. We strive to bring to life meaningful work that make sense for the client as well as the audience. Basically, we are about art & copy that works.

Our Approach

We look for a starting point. An idea, an inspiration or a universal truth. Basically we look for that one thing that can become the backbone of our communication. And once our truth becomes yours, we add our creative genius to it.

The Team

Meet talented team of creatives, fun-lovers, and magic makers.

Heli Saarenheimo





Art Director


Art & Movie Director


UI Developer